The creators of the Choose Your Own Adventure books are hoping for a happy ending with their latest Kickstarter project.

Choose ‘Toons is a modern day, digital version of the popular novels where readers are in charge of their own fate. The premise of Choose Your Own Adventure is for the reader to make his or her own decisions throughout the book, ultimately arriving at one of several endings.

Ray Montgomery and Shannon Gilligan, the writers behind the Choose Your Own Adventure Series, want to bring their stories to life in a fun and animated way that will appeal to a younger and more tech-savvy audience. The Choose ‘Toons app runs on a tablet device and allows users to direct the story with a simple touch of the screen.

The development team behind Choose ‘Toons has put together one animated novel with 20 story branches, 11 different endings and about 30 minutes worth of animated scenes. In “Your Very Own Robot” readers build a mischievous robot named Gus who gets into lots of trouble throughout the course of the story.

The interactive nature of Choose ‘Toons allows kids to be transformed from readers to heroes in charge of their own story, says Gilligan, and encourages learning in a fun environment.

In order to complete the story of Gus, Choose ‘Toons is looking for adventure enthusiasts to pledge the project with a goal of raising $130,000 within the next 28 days.

The funding will go toward animation, voice acting and programming costs to get the Choose ‘Toons app rolling.  Once the first phase of the project is finished, more stories with more characters, adventures and endings will be developed and available in the iTunes store.

To take a look at the project, visit the Choose ‘Toons Kickstarter page here.


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Choose ‘Toons App Creators Looking to Secure 130K in Funding

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Choose ‘Toons App Creators Looking to Secure 130K in Funding


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