Sony is investigating a new and unique way of photo organization.

According to a U.S. patent application submitted by the company, Sony wants users of its future devices to be able to tag people in photos using their vital signs.

Yes, you read that correctly.

According to the patent, Sony says that traditional methods of storing and organizing photos by giving them titles like “Christmas dinner with family” takes “too much time and effort” and is “impersonal.”

“With an ever increasing amount of photos and videos stored in the mobile phone, in the cloud or at the home computer it becomes more and more difficult to categorize and organize the photos and movies,” according to the patent.

Sony says it has a solution. The company wants to create a device that, when the user snaps a photo of their subject, the camera saves information on their vital signs – everything from body temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure to blood oxygen level, respiratory rate, and skin conductance, Sony says.

A sensor in the device would record the subject’s vital signs much like a traditional digital camera records the date and time of a photo. The patent also clarifies the same technology could be used when shooting video.

While you may be wondering why anyone would want a digital camera or Smartphone that records vital signs, the patent actually refers to the technology being used in the medical field, rather than during a casual night out with friends.

A device with the ability to record several vital signs at once would allow medical facilities to get rid of “bulky measuring equipment” the patent says. The patients photo would be saved on a Smartphone device where it could be “monitored and recorded when he or she is operating the mobile phone and recording images.”



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Sony Looking to Develop Camera That Records Vital Signs

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Sony Looking to Develop Camera That Records Vital Signs


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