Some new – and perhaps unsurprising data – shows that Pinterest is attracting a creative, hobbyist-type audience, while Facebook is all about communication and, well, socializing.

While the two sites are both considered social networks, 80 percent of people on Pinterest – a site where users ‘pin’ ideas to online boards – say they find the site most useful for finding ideas and projects, whereas 69 percent of Facebook users are into reading about what their friends are doing.

The study, conducted by Vision Critical, also found that 75 percent of Pinterest users are able to find ideas that peak their interest, while 69 percent find it “inspiring” to see what other people are pinning on their boards.

Users are more likely to visit Facebook for different reasons, including 63 percent of those surveyed who said they like feeling connected to their friends and peers.

In the world on online consumerism, the report says, 24 percent of Pinterest enthusiasts said they make more purchases due to the ideas and products they find on the site, and 28 percent say the site is responsible for them making “smarter” purchases. Pinterest is especially useful for finding out more information on products, said 43 percent of people surveyed, while 37 percent of Facebook users said they were influenced by ads alerting them to products on sale. Only 11 percent of Facebook users cited the social networking site as a reason behind them making more purchases.

The full report, which also included some data relating to Twitter, surveyed more than 5,000 people over a period of 17 months. 

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Pinterest More for the Creative Type, Facebook for Socialites

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Pinterest More for the Creative Type, Facebook for Socialites


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