by Brian Dean

When it comes to building links…

…you’ve probably heard it all.

That’s why I’m not going to show you any “secret” or “underground” link building strategies today.

But what I will do is teach you how to take tried-and-true link building techniques — like guest posting and broken link building — into hyperdrive.

In short, you’ll learn how to get more links with less work.

#1: Take Press Releases to The Next Level With….News Jacking

Press releases ain’t what they used to be.

Once a beacon of traffic and backlinks, press releases are so saturated and overused that you’re lucky to get a trickle of traffic…even with a pricey package.

And Google has confirmed that press release backlinks don’t do much for you.

But that doesn’t mean press releases are dead.

Like anything in SEO, you need to add your own twists to keep things fresh and effective.

Here’s how:

1. Write a legitimately newsworthy press release that ties into something happening in the news. In other words, don’t write about how your site got redesigned. Instead, write a PR about how your company has responded to a hot news story.

Just head to Google News and search for keywords related to your niche:

Keep an eye out for hot stories that are getting coverage from several different news outlets. When I looked at Google News today I noticed that a study about group weight loss for money dominates the headlines:

If you ran a site about weight loss — and this new study came out — you could write an article about the flaws in the research that the major news outlets didn’t cover.

This news tie-in will give your PR legs.

2. Submit your press release to the usual suspect press release sites. Just be sure to get into Google News. If you’re on a tight budget, is a PR4 site that offers Google News PR distribution for a measly $2.


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