According to Wikipedia, advertising is a form of communication for marketing and is used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take a new action.  More simply put, advertising is letting people know about your business and showing them you have the solution.

Advertising began thousands of years ago when ancient Egyptians started carving out announcements and notices in steel.   Now, we have so many forms of advertising, it can be hard to choose which mediums to use.

Online marketing has taken the business world by storm. Some of the standard online advertising strategies consist of banner ads, newsletter ads and website link exchanges. These methods can be effective, but you need to get out of the box and find new and clever ways to advertise your business.

Below are 10 fun and creative ideas that could breathe new life into your advertising success:

1. E-Mail Sigtag Buddy — If you send out a lot of e-mails, having your link on each one will get you a lot of exposure.  Then consider having that doubled.  Research other online businesses to find one that works well with your business but does not compete.  Contact the owner and discuss a cross promotion deal.  You will put a link to their website in all your outgoing e-mails if they will do the same for you.  You could work with several business owners and rotate partners.  This easy and free strategy could double or triple your exposure.

2. Resource Box Buddies — This would be very similar to the e-mail sigtag buddy system but you would trade links in your article resource box instead.  Most sites will allow you several lines in your resource box so make the best use of them.

3. Referral Club — Meet with several online business owners and discuss a possible referral club.  This will only work well if the businesses are not competing. Learn about each other’s products and services so you can efficiently refer your customers to them when needed.

4. Customer Appreciation Party — Hold regular online customer appreciation parties.  Show your customers how important they are.  Play games, offer prizes, discounts, free gifts and more to show them how grateful you are.  Encourage each of them to bring a guest and offer a special incentive for doing so.

5. Connect to Something of Importance — If your product or service can appropriately be connected to an important event or story it could add credibility to your business.  For example: eBooks are good for the environment.  Or, if you sell pet products, each purchase could mean a donation to stop animal cruelty.  But be sincere in your efforts and really care or your customers will definitely see through you.

6. Contests — Everyone loves contests. Offer a different contest each week or month. Make them fun, interesting and even educational.

7. Partner with A Complementary Business — Find a business that works well with yours.  Contact the owner and discuss a promotional partnership.  Work together to advertise and promote each other.  Not only is it beneficial to the business owners, it helps the customers as well.

8. Free Webinars and Presentations — Periodically offer a free webinar and or presentation on your products and or services. Explain how customers can benefit from them. Offer free instructional videos as well if appropriate.

9. Comment on Blogs — Share your expertise on blogs and get your name noticed.  Help people, give advice, share ideas and strategies.  This will establish you as an expert in your field which, in turn, will earn you more trust and credibility.

10. Social Media Relationships — Use your social media sites to connect with people and build relationships.  Social media is for networking and bonding with people, not just making the sale.

Although the Internet provides you with unlimited possibilities for your business, it is not easy to achieve a solid customer base.  You must go outside of the box with your advertising campaign and make yourself and your business more memorable.

Show potential customers becoming your client will indeed be in their best interest.  Prove to them that you are anxious to help find a solution and assist them in any way possible.

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10 Clever Online Advertising Strategies

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10 Clever Online Advertising Strategies


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