by Jennifer Cario

After more than a year of waiting for delivery, Pinterest has finally
delivered on its promise to deliver native analytics to Pinterest users
with verified URLs. (And Pinterest marketers rejoiced.) In an
announcement posted to the company’s blog on March 12th, the Pinterest
team shares the details

The analytics build on recent shifts toward business accounts and the launch of a new Pinterest interface. It also begins to open the door toward more value for businesses, who have long been asking for faster and easier ways to understand how their customers are interacting with their content via the service.

Getting access to the Pinterest analytics for your content is easy, you’ll just need to take the following steps:

  • Visit Pinterest and look for the Analytics option in the drop down menu.

From there, you’ll be taken to the default analytics page. This page operates as your default analytics dashboard and gives you a quick and easy overview of the most obvious metrics. You’ll find:

  • Pin Activity: The number of pins and the number of people who pinned them.
  • Repin Activity: The number of repins and the number of people who repinned.
  • Display Activity: The number of impressions (times your pin appeared) and the reach (the number of people it appeared to.)
  • Traffic Activity: The number of clicks your pins received and the number of people who clicked on your pins.

pin_analytics_2.pngThe tool also allows for a reasonable amount of control over the date range of your data. It’s preset with buttons to allow you to view data from the past week, two week or month long time frame. It’s also supposed to allow you to select a custom date range from a calendar box, though my experiments with the site found this feature to be a little wonky.

pin_analytics_3.PNGAdditional navigation options across the top of the Pinterest analytics tool bar allow you to dive in to see what your most recently pinned content is. This display simply shows what’s currently drawing interest from the Pinterest community.


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