I see a constant debate going on online, in relation to whether it’s a good thing to buy ‘likes’ and followers to get a boost over the competition.

But does it really give you a leg-up on the competition, or is there something automatically dishonest about anyone selling ‘likes’ and followers?

As one of the literally millions of people who are selling such services online, (Facebook is the biggest site in the world), I feel that I need to defend myself and others in the same situation.

Some people have been more than a little harsh to me as a social media marketing manager, saying the services I offer will in some way damage people’s profiles, but I’ve never seen that happen so long as I’ve been doing it.

I get followers on my own accounts as well, in particular I love getting Twitter followers from Twiends.

At one point, I was clicking the button on seven different accounts for about five hours a day, and then when I wasn’t getting followers, I was tweeting the links to my pages.

This was able to generate me hundreds of unique views a day, and it still does get me that many views when I can be bothered tweeting all through the day.

It’s still a growing list of social connections that I value very highly, even though they’re just random people.

Getting Back To The Subject Of Facebook ‘Likes’

As I mentioned before, Facebook is the biggest social site online. A business owner makes a page on Facebook and realizes nobody is ‘liking’ it — in fact, it makes him look unpopular if anyone is even going to see it at all.

I come along and say, “hey, you made this mistake, the title of your page is not a keyword phrase, and you are not ranking your Facebook page on Google, (or Bing, Yahoo, or a Facebook search), for that keyword phrase.”

This is what you have to do to find the exact match search volume of the phrase you want to rank it for, and this is what you have to do to build the back links to the page and the cross links that will make sure it sits up near the top of the search.

Facebook is a PR 9 site, it is the highest authority site in the world, but that’s not to say that the individual pages on Facebook carry that much weight.

They can do though, I made a PR 6 Facebook page just by getting a few hundred likes on it, linking some other pages to it, and writing a few articles as back links leading to it.

What I do to make permanent links from other pages is log in as the other page and like it while using Facebook as the second page.

This puts it in the permanent list of likes on the page, and makes a high page rank, do follow cross link on Facebook, because it’s only the outgoing links that are no follow.

My Facebook page outranks my site for the same keyword phrase. It is better than a website for rankings if you know how to do it, and if you can be bothered putting that much effort into ranking your Facebook page instead of your website.

I mainly get random ‘likes’ for social proof, and to get an SEO boost for the keyword phrase in the title of the page.

Apart from that, they aren’t that useful, because you don’t get as many clicks on the links you post from Facebook ‘likes’ as you do from Twitter followers.

I use social swapping sites like Twiends, Add Me Fast, and You Like Hits to get these social connections, and you can choose from any range of things you want to get done.

Some people view this as spam, but it is no more spam than the standard SEO practices that existed a few years ago to rank every major site online, which still go on today.

The reason why people do it is it works. If you want to be successful on social media, and you’re not a celebrity, it is something you need to do. Can you afford Facebook Ads?

I wouldn’t recommend people buy tens of thousands of ‘likes’ as you end up getting a lot of computer generated accounts rather than random people, although a musician might want to get that many to seem popular.

Take the example of an Internet marketer — if they don’t have lots of likes on their Facebook page, they come off as looking like an amateur.

It’s just one of those things like building back links to your site, it looks good to people, it looks good to the search engines, and it may or may not lead to actual sales of products, but it’s more likely that it will help you than it will hurt you to buy ‘likes’ and followers on your social pages.

Rowan Casey is an Internet marketing expert with over five years experience specializing in social media marketing services. He resides in Hobart, Australia, and makes a decent living from working online. The list of services that he can provide is too numerous to list, he can basically do anything — specifically social media marketing.

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Does It Help You To Have Lots Of Facebook Likes?

Does It Help You To Have Lots Of Facebook Likes?


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