Samsung has something for everyone at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

From curved OLED televisions to Smart cameras to ultrabooks to refrigerators, Samsung pulled out all the stops at the show being held in Las Vegas, Nevada this week.

Samsung’s 55-inch OLED TV attracted a lot of attention with its curved panel.

The curved screen offers an “immersive panorama effect, which is currently not possible with conventional flat-panel TVs,” the company said in a press release.

“When watching captivating content such as vast landscapes and scenes from nature on the Curved OLED TV, they will feel like they are surrounded by the beautiful scenery.”

The set also offers multi-view mode that enables two people to watch different HD programming at the same time with the same screen.

Samsung’s most expensive model on display, the 4K Ultra HD TV, comes in screens as large as 110-inches, although the company was showcasing its 85-inch model at the show. The company also had its new LED model on hand. Samsung has yet to reveal the prices for its new line of TVs.

Samsung also displayed its Smart Hub — five intuitive panels that help TV viewers manage and navigate different types of content. The choices are displayed as thumbnail images to make it easier to select content.

Controlled by voice or gestures, the Smart Hub has five sections — content that is currently on; streaming video on demand; photos and videos streamed from Smartphones, tablets or laptops; social media integration and apps such as Netflix.

“As the plethora of apps and content grow, consumers are faced with the overwhelming challenge of discovering quality content that appeals to their interests. They are looking for ways to experience converged content, and they want to do it easily,” said Samsung executive vice-president and head of visual display Kim Hyun-Suk in a statement.

“We have simplified the process with TVs that offer more intuitive features, endless connectivity and content options, and larger screen sizes with true-to-life picture quality. Consumers can now enjoy the ultimate lean back experience, which is richer and easier than ever before.”

Samsung’s T9000 refrigerator also garnered a lot of attention.

With a 32 cubic foot capacity, the four-door refrigerator offers 25.5 cubic feet for fresh food storage and a 6.1 cubic foot freezer.

“Imagine the possibilities of using the lower right side compartment as a kid zone, as a prep zone for a special meal, as a centralized storage area for a family member with dietary restrictions, or to replace a separate beverage refrigerator,” the company said in a press release.

The fridge also features an LCD panel that parents can use as a baby monitor  as well as apps to “help families stay organized and connected in the kitchen.” The Evernote app, for instance, enables the sharing of photos, videos and recipes with family and friends.

The fridge will hit the market this spring for $3,999.

Smart cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity were designed “with Smartphone users in mind,” Samsung said.

The interface unites touch-type and big screen functionality allowing for faster editing and uploading to other devices and social media sites. AutoShare enables images to be sent and saved concurrently straight to a Smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection, as soon as a picture is taken.

Prices also were not revealed for the line of cameras.

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Samsung Offers Up Massive TVs, Refrigerators at CES

Samsung Offers Up Massive TVs, Refrigerators at CES


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