Intel Launches $6B Debt Sale

Intel launched a $6-billion debt sale Dec. 4 to fund common stock buybacks as well as for general corporate purposes.

According to IFR, Intel was offering the bonds in a range of maturities from five years to 30 years.

“The offering and the final terms of the notes, including principal amount, interest rate and maturity will depend on market and other conditions at the time of pricing,” the company said in a statement.

Intel’s stock has dipped 18 percent over the past year due to investor uncertainty regarding sluggish PC sales and the firm’s lack of mobile strategy.

Intel’s shares rose 2.3 percent to $20 Dec. 4.

SoPost Turns Social Media Into Address

A U.K. startup is on a mission to ensure its users never again miss a delivery.

SoPost, a free service, allows users to use their social media accounts, e-mail address and phone number as a postal address.

“At SoPost, we’re reinventing the postal address,” the website explains. “We don’t think that an address should be a house number and zip code: it should be where you are, or where you want your mail to be sent.”

After signing up, users can add home, work, school or other addresses to their SoPost accounts and then make up a daily schedule so the service can ensure deliveries arrive at the address where the user will be. The user simply chooses one of the social media accounts or e-mail to send to and SoPost takes care of re-routing parcels based on the user’s schedule.

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could send stuff to yourself, your friends and your family without having to think about it, without ever having to enter a house number and postcode, if the act of sending something just happened and was as natural and painless as taking a breath of air?” the website asks. “That is our aim. To simplify mail. To create an address fit for the present.”

Twitter opens Office in France

Twitter is set to open new offices in Paris, one of the social network’s fastest growing markets.

Other than the U.S., Twitter also has offices in Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Brazil.

“We’re really excited about the opportunity [there],” Katie Stanton, vice-president of international market development, told The Next Web.

“It has been one of our fastest growing markets around the world. Which has been tremendous, we’ve seen something like 150 percent user growth year over year and that’s 350 percent growth in tweets on a daily basis.”

Stanton told The Next Web a priority for the French team is to continue to foster rapid user growth by working with Twitter’s partners, as well as local television stations, publishers and the buying public.

Stanton also said Twitter would employ intense focus on France’s cities for ongoing trends, beginning with Toulouse and Bordeaux. The objective is to enable Twitter users to land anywhere on the site and automatically see what is happening, via the tweets being posted, for any location.


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