In July 2007, I had put up a post about the launch of Google Custom Search Engine Business Edition. Now almost a year later, it seems this service is finally headed up for a renovation. According to Market Pilgrim, this service has been given a new name and also been given an uplift with new features and upgrades. The Google Custom Search Engine Business will now be known as 'Google Site Search'

Google Site Search has been incorporated with these new features and upgrades:

  1. Enhanced index coverage: Comprehensive search results on any website by crawling and indexing more content, even pages deep within a site. It would mean that Google will be looking for and assimilating more content so as to make the Search results even more relevant.
  2. Synonyms: Queries expand to include commonly-searched terms and website owners can add their own custom synonym dictionary.
  3. Date biasing: Website owners can influence search results based on the age of documents.
  4. Top results biasing: Specific sections of the site (such as the product catalog) appear at the top of search results.
  5. Full customization of the look & feel: site owners can fully customize the search results interface to integrate with the unique look and feel of their sites.

One of the most frustrating facts in the previous 'Google Site Search' was that if didn't completely indexed a website, then Google Site Search wasn't able to display results of the non-indexed pages. Meaning, it was entirely dependent on

However, Google Site Search can take advantage of other data, such as site search queries, that "could" be leveraged in

Google Site Search charges $100 a year for up to 5,000 pages. Here is a snapshot of Google Custom Search:

Google Custom Search Engine Business Editions Gets Custom Indexing

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Google Custom Search Engine Business Editions Gets Custom Indexing!


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